signs & spaces

Selected photographs taken between 1970–2000. These were first exhibited in a solo exhibition at the Grace Gallery in Brooklyn, NY in 2006. The original color transparancies were scanned on a Nikon Coolscan IV ED at 4000 dpi. I plan to publish a book of these and other related images in the near future.

rome & beyond

A selection of photographs taken mostly in Rome and Italy during a six month stay in 2012.


Compositing experiments using colorized B&W images. I created these images between 2010– 2014. Several digital techniques including masking led me to explore creative possibilities beyond conventional photography.


A persistent interest in geometry led me to to uncover relationships among polygons (triangles, squares, etc.), differing in their of number of sides but sharing sides of equal length. Ribuoli Digital in NYC converted and then assembled several of these Illustrator files into lasercut plexigons (plexiglass polygons). These date from 2014–2017.

vector explorations

Recent experiments in shape relationship systems. The Matrix Series uses concentric ovals and rectangles organized in grids.